The Eve of Starting

The kids arrive tomorrow morning. I’m very excited to start the year, but at the same time I’m dragging my feet already to “slow the circle down,” maybe as a way to be ready and not ready at the same time.

I normally live in the future — what will come next is much more interesting to me than what’s happening right now. I know that the reason for that is my personality type, and it is what it is. But  during the 5 days that I’ve been back at school in the ritual of preparation I am enjoying every moment for what it is. Savoring the deliciousness of the anticipation, the planning, the knowing that it will all go by faster than any school year ever for me. Tasks that normally are a nuisance have become benign, and I hope as the year races forward that I can keep that perspective!

Tomorrow’s lessons are ready, but I have not considered how I will frame the first conversations. Usually I think about the new beginning and what I will say to the kids — what profound eloquence will change their lives. And of course it never happens the way I imagine it, and that’s OK, too. I haven’t given any time to the consideration of life-changing opening lines.  It’s part of what already is making this year so different; it’s all in the perspective — and it’s precious. I’ll know what to say to the kids tomorrow, and this year I think I’ll listen more, too.

We have a new principal, and she has managed in a very short time to motivate the staff and give us a new energy, a new belief in ourselves. Chatter among colleagues, therefore, is much more upbeat and pleasant. It matches my own resolve to make this a really great year.

About harleywoman50

I retired from teaching in June 2011, and now am enjoying the good things I never had time to do before: traveling, writing, and creative arts. I also work as an educational consultant specializing in professional development for teachers; in this capacity I teach educators about their personalities using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument). I teach a course on how to differentiate instruction using type in the classroom, and several other workshops. Life is good.
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