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I Believe in the Power of Good and in Paying It Forward

As everyone does, I have had a roller coaster ride of ups and downs in my life, and as a teacher I have been witness to many students and colleagues riding that roller coaster as well. Life does have a … Continue reading

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Snow Days: A Thing of the Past?

Until two weeks ago we had not yet had any snow days, but in the last eleven days we’ve had three, plus a two hour delay. It’s impossible also  not to mention class time lost for testing and an activity … Continue reading

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A Milestone Reached, the Waiting Begins

On Friday morning one of my extraverted students told me I was cranky, and that I had been cranky for a couple of weeks. She was right, and it stopped me in my tracks because it wasn’t about the kids … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Now that my New Year’s Resolutions have been made (see last week’s article), I am going to keep them by maintaining a positive spin on the future. It’s true that I still don’t know how I am going to earn … Continue reading

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Two Motorcycle Books and Two New Year’s Resolutions

I chose to take a break from writing blog articles over the holidays, and it was good. I did think about it every once in awhile, but no blazing hot ideas popped into mind, so I was happy to let … Continue reading

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