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Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?

I recently noted that while I write a lot of poetry, I cannot call myself a poet. I have long thought of myself simply as “teacher.” But in just a few short weeks, I will no longer teach in a … Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching

I have always loved books, and snooping around in bookstores is a pleasure I still love. (Having a kindle, I have learned, does not mean one no longer frequents bookstores.) Over the years I have purchased many books about writing, … Continue reading

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Generations, Genealogy and Gerry

In my seventh grade classes, we’re doing a unit about generations; since this will be the last time I will teach it, I’ve tried to plan some memorable events for my students. This is a unit I have done many … Continue reading

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An Awful Week

I have rarely been so grateful for the weekend to arrive. I could hardly recognize myself this week — so overwhelmed and anxious I heard alarm bells going off inside my brain. It felt like it was caused by lazy … Continue reading

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What To Do With All the Books?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about starting to clean out the years of accumulated stuff in my classroom. The process continues and has led to some great conversations and connections. I started by sorting through binders of units … Continue reading

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