This blog has finished its purpose

Greetings, dear readers! When I wrote the previous article in my classroom, it became clear to me that this blog has done everything that I wanted it to do. So it is done.

But I love writing and have started a new blog, and you are warmly invited to read it. Harleywoman Writes Again!


About harleywoman50

I retired from teaching in June 2011, and now am enjoying the good things I never had time to do before: traveling, writing, and creative arts. I also work as an educational consultant specializing in professional development for teachers; in this capacity I teach educators about their personalities using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument). I teach a course on how to differentiate instruction using type in the classroom, and several other workshops. Life is good.
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3 Responses to This blog has finished its purpose

  1. Lisa Bowyer says:

    I am getting ready to enter my final year of teaching and wonder if I should be doing anything special. I know things will come up that will spur last year activities but am just wondering if aside from this blog is there anything else you wish you had done specifically during that last year of teaching to make it more meaningful to you, your students, or your school?
    Lisa Bowyer
    Middle School 7th-8th grade Special Education

    • Hi, Lisa — Thanks for reading my blog. I found at the end that writing the blog made a HUGE difference because I was stopping at regular intervals through the year to check on what it meant, and what I would want to remember later. Because of the blog, I think, I was more present in each moment — enjoying the kids as much as possible and not letting the little things get to me. I also made a point of NOT being done before the end of the year, if you know what I mean. I still volunteered for committees, continued being an active member of the committees I was already on, and tried to make each day not be “one more down, 179 to go.” So in one sense I continued to behave as if I still had years ahead of me, while at the same time I was also cognizant of things being done for the last time. It was an interesting paradox, but I would do it again the same way.

      The very best thing that was meaningful at the end of the year was having the students tell me what it was that they had learned from me. I had the pleasure of having my graduating 8th graders for two years — as you might, too, and their answers really stunned me. I wish I had written them all down.

      I don’t want to overburden you with too much advice, but I guess to sum it up, I’d say just enjoy yourself and make it the best it can be. Going out on a positive note is much better than having a negative attitude. I found a quote at the end of the year that helped me: “How lucky I am that it is hard to say good-bye.” — A. A. Milne.

      Best wishes! I would love to subscribe to your blog if you make one — or would love to hear how it goes for you.


  2. Lisa Bowyer says:

    Thank-you so much for taking the time to respond to me…yes it does help. Not sure I’m ready to ‘Blog’ but may try to journal for myself. Thanks again, if you think of anything else you’d like to share, I’m all ears! Lisa

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