This is my 24th and last year of teaching. My area of expertise is in middle school English/Language Arts, and 20th century US History.  In 2000, my life changed when I earned my M.Ed. from Lesley University, focusing on Creative Arts in Learning. Differentiation through Multiple Intelligences and learning styles is present in my classroom every day. I love what I do and am not sure what it will be like when I don’t go to school every day. This blog will help me figure that out, I hope!

In case you’re wondering about the header photo, it is one that I took in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. During my 18 years of teaching in Henniker so far, I have taken 15 groups of eighth graders to DC, so I felt that it would be meaningful to choose a photo from one of my favorite places there, among all the sites we visit, and the Library of Congress is definitely right up there on the list!

The other point that readers might wonder about is the title of this blog: Harleywoman Writes. I do ride a Harley — a 1994 Sportster 883. It’s black with purple flames on the tank and fenders. When I needed to devise an appropriate username many years ago, it had to be harleywoman, and I’ve recently discovered that my online presence is much bigger as harleywoman50 than my real name. So there it is — me, a teacher/motorcyclist/writer/photographer. Life is good!


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