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Getting My Classroom Ready: On the Other Side

Last August as I set up my classroom, I knew that I wanted to remember this year, my last, and so I began writing this blog. The first article was about the ritual of setting up the classroom and making … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts: Two Surprises

Helping to facilitate our eighth grade graduation this year is rather paradoxical: it’s simultaneously the same as always and very different from anything that has come before. It’s always hectic and chaotic when students learn that they can’t participate in … Continue reading

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Chaos and Aha!

The end of the school year is hurtling towards me faster than I can manage to keep up. Friday morning, all the teacher mailboxes were bright purple with some kind of mass announcement, and when I looked at mine it … Continue reading

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Generations, Genealogy and Gerry

In my seventh grade classes, we’re doing a unit about generations; since this will be the last time I will teach it, I’ve tried to plan some memorable events for my students. This is a unit I have done many … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out the Closet: Finding Treasures

We started the last trimester in school this week, and spring is starting to show up. Even though there’s still a lot of snow on the ground, I hear birds singing their spring songs every morning when I go to … Continue reading

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