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Two Thoughts: Two Surprises

Helping to facilitate our eighth grade graduation this year is rather paradoxical: it’s simultaneously the same as always and very different from anything that has come before. It’s always hectic and chaotic when students learn that they can’t participate in … Continue reading

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Stop Whining and Just Get It Done!

The end of the school year is not only in sight, it’s in-my-face-close, and I am mentally not where I want to be. I had hoped that by now I would have most of the loose ends all tied up … Continue reading

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What My Students Have Taught Me

On Thursday right after school I had to rush the few miles to our regional high school for senior project presentations. I have been an evaluator for about ten years; it’s a task that I love and look forward to … Continue reading

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Generations, Genealogy and Gerry

In my seventh grade classes, we’re doing a unit about generations; since this will be the last time I will teach it, I’ve tried to plan some memorable events for my students. This is a unit I have done many … Continue reading

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An Awful Week

I have rarely been so grateful for the weekend to arrive. I could hardly recognize myself this week — so overwhelmed and anxious I heard alarm bells going off inside my brain. It felt like it was caused by lazy … Continue reading

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The Washington, DC Trip: Looking for Resilience

Returning to school after February vacation was hard! My flight was cancelled on Saturday (because of fog – who knew?), so I didn’t get home until Sunday night. It was a rush to do laundry and get ready for school, … Continue reading

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Acting “As If . . .”

The last week or so has been wicked busy, if I might indulge in some local slang. All the snow of recent weeks has left my careful class planning in shambles; since I teach two grade levels, I try hard … Continue reading

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