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Two Thoughts: Two Surprises

Helping to facilitate our eighth grade graduation this year is rather paradoxical: it’s simultaneously the same as always and very different from anything that has come before. It’s always hectic and chaotic when students learn that they can’t participate in … Continue reading

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Acting “As If . . .”

The last week or so has been wicked busy, if I might indulge in some local slang. All the snow of recent weeks has left my careful class planning in shambles; since I teach two grade levels, I try hard … Continue reading

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Parent Conferences and Facebook

It was an endless week, with parent conferences after school each day. At my grade level, the parents receive a progress report with a conference request sheet, and they sign up to meet with whichever teachers they request. We are … Continue reading

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What do you want to be remembered for?

Sometimes it’s exceedingly serendipitous the way topics for this blog arrive on my doorstep. This past week, at our regular monthly faculty meeting, the principal announced that we would be working on a vision project: what do we want for … Continue reading

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