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Two Thoughts: Two Surprises

Helping to facilitate our eighth grade graduation this year is rather paradoxical: it’s simultaneously the same as always and very different from anything that has come before. It’s always hectic and chaotic when students learn that they can’t participate in … Continue reading

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Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?

I recently noted that while I write a lot of poetry, I cannot call myself a poet. I have long thought of myself simply as “teacher.” But in just a few short weeks, I will no longer teach in a … Continue reading

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An Awful Week

I have rarely been so grateful for the weekend to arrive. I could hardly recognize myself this week — so overwhelmed and anxious I heard alarm bells going off inside my brain. It felt like it was caused by lazy … Continue reading

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Lunch with a Friend, and a Decision

The older I get, the more I love and appreciate my women friends, and the more important they become in my life. It has nothing to do with the relationship or the love I have for my husband – in … Continue reading

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Honoring the Process and Opening the Windows

I thought I might not post an article this weekend; there has been a lot of activity in my brain this week, and I’m rather dizzy from all of it. But writing is often the way for me to arrive … Continue reading

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A Milestone Reached, the Waiting Begins

On Friday morning one of my extraverted students told me I was cranky, and that I had been cranky for a couple of weeks. She was right, and it stopped me in my tracks because it wasn’t about the kids … Continue reading

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The Pull to Write

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and a day off from school. I took advantage of the extra day to spend time at the computer working on the book I started writing a few years ago. I hadn’t worked on it in … Continue reading

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